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Camping Barn Access Statement

Access Statement for Mullacott Farm Camping Barn



The Mullacott Farm Camping Barn is a converted stable for group accommodation sleeping up to 20 people. The accommodation is in Ilfracombe, Devon - a five-minute drive from Ilfracombe High Street. Located within North Devon and near to Exmoor. The building consists of 6 rooms - a kitchen, a dining area, and 4 sleeping rooms. The Camping Barn is set in the farm grounds. It is privately run by the farm, not YHA, and Mullacott Farm will assist you in any way possible during your stay.


We are located on the A361, on the outskirts of Ilfracombe, near Mullacott Cross roundabout.  Our location is peaceful but accessible for people traveling by car, bus, and train or cycling.
The nearest shops are just under 1/2 a mile away.
The nearest bus stop is just under 1/2 a mile away at Mullacott Cross. Buses run every half hour and the service stops early in the evening. There is a limited service on a Sunday.  The grass verge is not easily accessible, but this moves into a public footpath that cuts through our neighbor’s horse field, having climbed down a step/stile.

The nearest railway station is Barnstaple, which is approximately 10 miles away. Taxis are usually available at the station.
There are several local taxi companies, mentioned on this website.  

Dogs can be accommodated in the Barn, as long as it is with prior consent from the owners, and the Camping Barn is booked for sole use.  Dog-drinking bowls are provided.

Brochures can be provided in large print if required. We regret we do not have facilities to prepare documents in Braille.

Our website provides pictures of our accommodation and further information about the services we provide.
You can contact us by telephone, text, e-mail or fax. Please see the Contact Information section of this document for full details.  

Arrival & Car Parking Facilities

Please advise us of your anticipated arrival time so that we can be sure we are here to welcome you.
To ensure your accommodation is ready we ask that guests do not normally arrive before 4.00pm. Earlier arrival may, however, be possible by arrangement.
On arrival to Ilfracombe please follow the directions from our website, rather than using satnav, as they aren’t programmed very well around here, and some makes take you to our neighbor’s house, which is annoying for them.
Please follow the signs to the farmhouse to let us know of your arrival, and we can then point out where to park and check you in.
There is two parking spaces right outside the Camping Barn, or 10 more unmarked spaces 10 meters away.  All are tarmac and on a slight slope.
The car park is large, to enable access to the front and rear of vehicles, including mini buses.
There are no speed bumps or barriers in the car park area.
The car park is illuminated during the hours of darkness.  
The Farm contact number is displayed outside of the main camping barn door.
We are able to assist guests with luggage if this is required.
All signage is in large font, clear, pictorial (where appropriate) and placed at a suitable height.  Diagrams have been used where possible.
On arrival the team leader must come to the farmhouse and check in.
Main Entrance & Reception

On arrival the leader will come to the house to check in.  If driving, this can be done as initial contact to the farm.
There are no steps to the farmhouse.  The track is tarmac and wide, with a slight incline.
Assistance will be provided if requested.
A Pad / pen is available on arrival.
There is an Entry phone / voice communication system, near the B&B that can be used in emergencies, to contact the farmhouse.
There are uniform, bright lights in the reception area. 
There are no keys to the Camping Barn.  The barn is locked with a numerical padlock, and the code is given to the team leader.
Seating is available in the reception/entrance.
A familiarization tour or escorted visit is offered.
The door of main entrance is a single leaf, side hung. 
The entrance is lit, outside with a sodium light that stays on in darkness.  The entrance is marked, for easy access.  There is a slight lip upwards into the building, of about 30mm, and the floor is painted a contrasting brick red colour, as opposed to the natural concrete colour outside.
The opening times / manned hours for reception and main doors are 9.00 a.m. – 8.00 p.m.  Arrival outside of these times can be arranged, as we live on site, but common courtesy is expected.
The reception desk is located in the farm porch, with good overhead, direct lighting and is 780mm high.  The floor is level.
The tariff is clearly written with large font, at reception.
Provision is made for service dogs. Water bowls; stable area to sleep, and a walking facility is available.
The signage is clear, and reflective.
The reception area is 240cm x 185cm.  It is all on ground level.  It is painted, as opposed to brick.
Public WCs

The showers and toilets are 10m from the camping barn.
From the camping barn, turn right, and walk across the tarmac track to the toilet block.
The men’s toilet has a 78cm doorway.  It is tiled throughout.  There are 2 cubicles, with 56cm doorways, and the WC is 42cm high.  There are 2 basins in the men’s at 81cm and 4 urinals, 2 at 68cm and 2 at 51cm.
The ladies toilet has a 78cm doorway.  It is tiled throughout.  There are 4 cubicles, with 56cm doorways, and the WC is 42cm high.  There are 2 basins in the ladies at 85cm.
Size of cubicles free floor space is about 50cm squared.
The tiling is non-slip tiling throughout.
Doors - single leaf with a sliding lock
Dining Room
Lighting - It is uniform, with florescent strip lights.
Aisles - 87cm wide, the floor is painted concrete.
Seating & tables - The 3 tables are moveable, sturdy heavy tables, with corner legs.  They are 75cm high.  There are a variety of chairs, with and without arms.
The whole of the camping barn is No Smoking, including vaping.
Picnic area/BBQ area. The area is located at the far end of the camping field.  Turn right out of the main door, then left, and follow the tarmac track for 20m.  Through the wooden gate, and onto the firm stone track for another 100m.  Picnic/BBQ area is on the left, and is a grass area.  The 2 BBQ's are brick built and are 75cm.  The tables are wooden, traditional pub table benches, 75cm high.
Clear price signs
the nearest WC available are the main ones, near the camping barn, 250m away.

Bedrooms & Sleeping Areas

The sleeping areas of the camping barn are made up of platforms, and mattresses, or bunk beds.  The platforms are 41cm high.  The bunks are 114cm and 23cm high.
Fire alarm - This is an electrically wired in smoke detector, and has battery back up.
Route in bedroom - door width are all 82cm wide.
Flooring - concrete, painted to give contrast.
Lighting - florescent strip lighting throughout.
The sleeping areas of the camping barn are made up of platforms, and mattresses, or bunk beds.  The platforms are 41cm high.  The bunks are 114cm and 23cm high.
Location - ground floor throughout.
The floor is painted red concrete, the walls are brown wood and the blocks making the platforms are magnolia. 
The signage is clear, and or pictorial.
Print is available in alternative formats.
The entrance to the barn is more or less level.  There is one-step 13cm high into the kitchen but all of the other access doors are level.
There is colour contrasting between critical surfaces.
The bedrooms are on 2 sides of the 'U' shaped building, running off from the dining room area.
Staff assistance and /or a familiarization tour is offered. 
Allergies catered for - non-feather, non-allergenic anti allergy, non-carpeted, non-smoking.
There are facilities for dogs/provision for dogs.
Bathroom, Shower-room & WC

The toilets are 10m form the main camping barn, turn right out of the main door, and cross the tarmac track to the toilet block. 
The floor surface is non - slip tiles.
The doors are single leaf doors, 78cm wide, with a levered handle.
There is loads of unobstructed clear floor space available.
Shower - The shower tray is a large rectangle tray in a bigger recess, with shower curtains.  The step is 22cm to get into the tray, and the mechanism is 132cm high.  There is a plastic chair in the facility, and hooks on the wall.  The shower is a regular electric shower, with one showerhead, a thermostatic mixer, with twist turn manual taps.
Basin - Has under counter space available and is 85cm high.
WC - The cubicle door is 56cm wide and the toilets are 45cm high.
There is colour contrasting - The walls are magnolia and the floors are grey.
Self-Catering Kitchen

The kitchen is the first room, through the main door.  The door way is 98cm wide, and there is a step 13cm high.  The floor is painted concrete, with a rubber mat.
The equipment is basic, and standard to use.
There thermostatically controlled water, which can be adjusted by the user.
The type of taps are regular catering taps.
Work surface & sink - The workbenches are 90cm high, with stainless steel benches, or formica storage for all the pots, crockery and cutlery.
Cooker - hob/oven/microwave are all available, all electric, run on the meter, and all at standard height, 90cm high.
Space provided - The room is a 4m squared room with workbenches, or cooker or fridge or sink running around the outside of the room and a big empty space in the middle.
Floor surface - non-slip painted concrete with a rubber-backed mat.
Lighting - Florescent strip lighting throughout.
There is a colour contrast of critical surfaces, with white or silver on appliances or benches, compared to a painted red floor and brown wooden walls.
Fridge/ freezer is available just inside the door, on entering the camping barn.  The fridge is on top, for 90cm and the freezer below, for 85cm. 

Grounds and Gardens

This is a working farm and the majority of the public areas are also livestock areas at some time of the year.  All gates are suitable for livestock, first and foremost.
There is a good path down to the bottom fields, made from pressed stone that is fairly smooth on a slight incline. 
There are seats for resting at the BBQ area.
Signage around the farm is colour coded and reflective.
The public toilets are located opposite the camping barn, as discussed earlier in this document.
Additional Information

All Fire Evacuation procedures are listed in the Fire Risk assessment, displayed on the website, and in the camping barn.
Service dogs are welcome in the camping barn, pre arranged with the owner.  Dog bowls are provided, and a dog-walking route will be discussed on arrival, depending on where the stock is.
There is No Smoking throughout the camping barn, including no vaping.  Smoking is permitted outside, and a metal sand filled bin is provided for butts to be disposed in.
Mobile networks are patchy in this area.  Orange appears to give the best coverage.
There is no background noise.
All rooms are interconnecting.  No concessions are made for carers.
A fridge is available in the kitchen for storing medication, and dietary foods.
There is usually someone on site who can offer reasonable assistance.
Emergency call procedures are listed in the camping barn.

Mullacott Farm
EX34 8NA

Telephone:  01271 866877



Grid reference: 


What three words:   Marine.Mixer.Brave

Hours of operation: 

Every Day
9.00 am – 8.00  pm.

 Emergency number: 

01270 866877

Local carers: 

Independence House
Bear Street
North Devon
EX32 7DX
Tel: 01271 328783
Fax: 01271 329069 

Local equipment hire companies: 

Speedy Hire Centres
Mr. Kevin Furs 
Unit 2
Old Station Road
South West
EX32 8PB 
01271 344911




Local public transport numbers: 


First Great Western
Barnstaple Station (about 13 miles away)
Station Road
EX31 2AU 
0871 200 49 50

Local accessible taxi numbers: 


A2B Taxis
01271 867788


“A” Taxi

01271 865321 

Future Plans

There are no future plans at the moment for the Camping Barn.

 Contact Telephone and Email Address

We welcome your feedback to help us continually improve if you have any comments please phone 01271866877 or email

Created: 05.09.2023

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