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Environmental and Sustainability Policy

Mullacott Farm

So, here’s the thing... we’re not perfect!

We love Devon and Ilfracombe and know how fortunate we are to be located in one of the UK’s most stunning natural environments.

With this in mind, you should know we are 100% committed to a policy of sound and responsible environmental management and that we’re working continuously to minimize our carbon footprint.

We are proud to be a 3 generational family business and we are passionate about making sure this beautiful place is here to enjoy for generations to come.

Sustainability is widely demanded by our customers; therefore, we have incorporated this into our daily operations.

We want you to have the perfect stay with us, knowing that your holiday environment is being cared for by us in as many ways as we can.

In implementing an Environmental policy, we genuinely care about the environment and strive to make a difference and reduce our carbon footprint. From the food on your plate to the toiletries in your bathroom, we are constantly trying to find ways to improve. To achieve this takes time but we are finding new ways to help every day.

We aim to run Mullacott Farm in a way that has minimal effect on the environment whilst retaining comfort and service for our guests.

  • To minimize our carbon footprint by improving our environmental and sustainable performance year on year

  • Extend our sustainable sourcing

  • Help support local businesses and our local community within our supply chain

  • To ensure optimal waste management and to reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill

  • To encourage our guests and employees to get on board

  • To comply always with relevant environmental legislation and to take a proactive approach to future and anticipated requirements and obligations

Farm and garden

The property is non-smoking throughout

Whilst the farm is not organic, it runs on organic principles.  All the animal actions try and reduce any impact of too much intervention, whether it is with petrochemical processes, or medication.

Although we are not experts in horticulture, we have taken advice and chosen plants to encourage wildlife. The gardens are wildlife-rich environments; therefore, we don’t use any chemicals when gardening.

Shopping Locally


We shop locally where possible, sourcing our produce from North Devon to keep our food miles low and support local business. We take clean containers with us to collect fresh produce and avoid packaging wherever possible.

We use a home delivery service from the supermarket, choosing ethically sourced, fairly traded products from accountable suppliers.

We buy in bulk wherever and whenever possible, in every department

We use Fair Trade, Organic and Rainforest Alliance certified products where we can

Office and Booking

We will minimise the use of paper - We have an online and telephone booking system which enables us to send all correspondence via email, thereby reducing paper and postage miles

Guests are able to view bedrooms, facilities and availability online thereby reducing print materials

We have started to print double sided wherever possible

Paper invoices / receipts are provided upon request, not by default

Energy and Water


We constantly monitor and evaluate our consumption of resources, thereby reducing our pollution and energy consumption.

We run two types of solar.  PV, we have 10kw and any excess that we do not use gets diverted into heating water, rather than back to the national grid.

Hot water solar, we have 90 tubes that can reduce boiler use, even in the winter. 

‘A’ rated electrical appliances replace older versions where possible

A high efficiency oil boiler has been installed, with regular annual servicing.

Wood on our farmhouse log-burners is from our own woods, and the back boiler supplements the hot water solar for the B&B laundry.

Double glazing and insulation reduce heat loss

We have ensured all guest rooms radiators with thermostatic controls fitted to ensure rooms are comfortable and to avoid heating rooms unnecessarily
We will switch off all lights and appliances when not required and ask guests to do likewise

To help us be as green as possible, please consider your own energy usage during your stay. You could…

Turn off lights and TV when not in use to reduce energy waste, turn down the heating before opening the windows, and requesting equipment not to be left on standby or prolonged charging

Energy Saving Lightbulbs

Ongoing replacement of Light Bulbs with Energy Saving Bulbs.

We are in the process of replacing all bulbs throughout our hotels with LEDs or energy saving bulbs.  Outside lighting is time controlled.

We use low-energy equivalent light bulbs where suitable.

We follow a good maintenance programme, mending leaking taps etc.

Full loads in washing machine and dish washer

The washing machine is hot water filled, from the solar / log burner water heater system

Kettles are of 1 litre capacity or less to save energy boiling water that is not required.

Be mindful when using water – turn off the tap when brushing your teeth.

Toilet hippo’s flush toilets reduce water consumption

Laundry Policy

We change the sheets twice a week for long-stay guests.

We give guests the option not to have their towels laundered every day.  By reducing the quantity of towels, we wash we reduce our water consumption, energy and use of detergents.  We will encourage guests to reuse towels rather than opt for single use.  If you would like your towels changed during your stay just place them in the shower tray.


We will favour more environmentally friendly products
We will buy concentrated products and dilute if possible
We will clean bathrooms without the use of running water where it is practical to do so
Only licenced waste carriers will be used to dispose of our waste
We will separate our waste recycling as much as is possible

The use of cleaning agents is minimised by the use of microfibre cloths.


Bedrooms / bathrooms

Our toilet rolls are certified100% British recycled.

Large bottles of toiletries in bedrooms rather than individual ones to minimise wastage and packaging

Use refillable containers for bathroom consumables including paper stem cotton buds and cotton wool balls

Large jar sewing kits and shoe cleaning kits are provided to encourage use only when required


We will purchase goods locally and seek to choose locally grown products at all times

To the best of our knowledge, all of our products are GM free products.

The sausages are reared and made on the farm.  We have our own chickens and ducks for eggs.

We will look to minimise waste by encouraging guests to influence portion sizes and by using freezing to prolong product shelf life as appropriate
We will plan carefully to ensure shopping visits are kept to a minimum
We will look to buy goods with the minimum of packaging and utilise multi-use carrier bags

Cereals are in self-serve containers, rather than wasteful boxes, so guest can regulate their serving size.

Jams and preserves are homemade

Fair-trade tea, coffee and hot chocolate are used; locally roasted coffee is served at breakfast


We will ensure our website provides accurate up to date information on finding us if using public transport
We will maintain vehicles used in the business in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations
We will keep vehicle use to a minimum

Doorstep guides produced for guests to encourage walks from the hotel and less car usage.
Website provides guests with information about arriving by public transport. It also gives guests ‘No Car’ options for things to do during their stay

Provide details of local walks, cycle routes and local places of interest

Provide storage for boots and hanging space for outdoor coats

Provide lockable cycle storage

Explore and enjoy the local area.  We provide local transport maps and happy to provide guests with public transport times.

Educating our guests on car free transport and exploration around our hotels and adhering to the Countryside Code.

Electric car charging facility is available, and we are investigating offering a specific charging station to be installed for guests


We will adhere to manufacturers’ recommendations for servicing of plant and machinery
Any refurbishment will be done with a view to maximising energy efficiency and reducing our carbon footprint

Reduce, reuse, recycle, repurpose

We consider recycling in a variety of different ways, including using Facebook marketplace, making donations of bedding and furniture to local charities when new is required, reusing scrap paper to take breakfast orders and make shopping lists

Bottles, cans, plastic, cartons and paper are recycled (using collection point and the local council’s doorstep collection)

Inkjet printer cartridges and batteries are recycled

All food and green waste is recycled / composted

All old duvets and pillows are donated to The Dogs Trust to be used as bedding for homeless animals.


All used paper is either re-cycled or shredded for lighting our open fires.

We will take into account energy efficiency for any new products purchased

We recycle as much as possible, which means that all our cardboard, paper plastic, glass, tin and food waste is cleaned, sorted, stored and recycled

Old dishcloths, tea towels and towels are used for lambing

Old bed linen is donated to local charities


We will comply with all relevant regulatory requirements
We will look to continually improve our environmental performance
We will consider the environment when making business decisions

We welcome suggestions on how our green policy could be improved, and energy or resource consumption reduced.

How you can help....

Use of our secured Wi-Fi Internet connection is free but a small donation in the charity box of our choice, which is the RNLI would be greatly appreciated.

Conserve Energy

Turn all lights off in your accommodation & en-suite bathroom when you go out for the day

When possible close the windows and doors and draw the curtains rather than turn up the heating

Only boil the amount of water you need in the kettle

Unplug your mobile phone charger immediately after use or switch off at the plug socket when in the plug but not in use

Using bags and bins provided for sanitary waste

Supporting our laundry policy

Supporting local businesses

Be water wise

6 litres of water is wasted per minute if the tap is left running while brushing your teeth. The UK has rising costs for water treatments and flood defences, so we encourage you to be water wise during your stay and turn off the taps when not in use or when doing the simple things such as brushing your teeth

Conserve water – ensure taps and showers are turned off fully when not in use.


Please leave newspapers, cans and bottles next to the bin, and we will recycle them.  Please use your bedroom bin for general waste that cannot be recycled only

Enjoying our Area

We are fortunate to be located a mile from the town centre, where there are plenty of great cafes, bars and restaurants all of which serve a variety of food & drinks.

Respect our Town Centre

You would not believe the amount of litter we see left on the floor in and around Ilfracombe every day! Help us to look after town and protect our local wildlife by using local litter bins. If the nearest local litter bin is full, please don’t leave your rubbish on top of it or on the pavement beside it....

Use public transport – we can provide information about local public transport, and as we are only a short distance from the beach, town centre and local amenities it makes good sense for your pocket, the environment and your waistline to maybe have a stroll into town.

Shop locally – Try local products of the area during your stay; perhaps the farmers market and local craft fairs.

If you come by bicycle, we will gladly store this on site in a locked area overnight for you

If you have any questions, comments, tips or ideas to help us with our commitment to run a greener Guest House then please do not hesitate to let us know.

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