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North Devon Caravan Storage

From Mullacott Farm you get:


  • An all inclusive price

  • Locked, secure storage

  • Full insurance

  • 24 hour on-site security, 365 days a year

  • Unlimited movements to and from the barn to the collection point, at no extra charge

  • No hidden extra charges

  • No obligation to use our camping facilities

  • Availability for North Devon residents and locals

  • No age restrictions on van

  • Boats, trailers, and campervans included

  • No outside storage under trees

  • No charge for using wheel clamps


We offer a combination of caravan storage, including outside and inside storage, usually on a rotated system. Caravans move into the barn in a strict order, from the date the storage first started. The only exceptions to this are very large, double axel vans, as they may get overtaken in the queue if there is no space for them to fill or if a very small space becomes available and only a 2 berth van will fit.

We’ll happily use all security devices that are given to us, including hitch locks, wheel clamps or both for safe and secure caravan storage in North Devon.

Caravans are maneuvered by hand in the barn, and transported by tractor to the collection point. We will always leave a caravan in the direction they will leave the farm, to make it as easy as possible for driving off. When returning your van to the farm there is no necessity to turn the van around, as we will do this to put it away.



















Short stay storage

Do you live locally and are having work done on your house, and need some parking for a while? Do you like to stay in North Devon, and have a couple of holidays here a year?

Then perhaps you’d like to have caravan storage in North Devon for a short amount of time, between visits, to save you driving it home and back? We will offer short stay parking for between holidays. This is charged at £30 per week.

Also we can even collect and deliver it back to a site of your choice, for a small additional charge.

Outside Cleaning

We do not allow cleaning of caravans in the storage area, or on the campsite, but can offer to clean the vans for you. We do not use a power washer, but clean it by hand, to protect the window seals. Cleaning £50 for a single axel and £60 for a twin axel.  Extreme Clean or first clean has a £10 premium.


Towing to various local sites POA

Do you have a big gas guzzler that you are keeping just to tow your caravan twice a year?

Do you like to travel from work, but your preferred site will already be locked by the time you arrive?

Do you have a family member who doesn't like towing, but would like to be able to use the caravan more often?

Mullacott Farm will offer a towing service to various local sites. We will take your van, when the pitch is made available, and lock it as you desire. You can just drive up to your pitch and be ready for your holiday without the stresses of towing.

Please remember that pitches have an arrival and departure time at all sites, and we are also governed by these too. We always ring a site we will be delivering to, for checking availability, but can only get your van there when we are told the pitch has become available. On the day of departure you must ring us with your estimated time of leaving, as yours may not be the only van that needs moving, and we have to plan the order.


Extra Services Available

Continuous Storage Outside
£500 for 12 months
£280 for 6 months
£175 for 3 months
£75 a month
£30 a week

Seasonal Storage Outside
£320 for 6 months
£200 for 3 months
£85 monthly

Indoor Storage
£700 for 12 months
£400 for 6 months Seasonal Winter (no Summer only available)
£275 for 3 months
£100 for 1 month


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