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Camp Site  Fire Risk Assessment

Mullacott Farm



EX34 8NA

  Person Undertaking the Assessment - Name:

Mrs. Alison Homa

  - Position:      


  Date of Assessment:


Fire Risk Assessment

Risk assessment for the Caravan and Camping at Mullacott Farm

Step 1 - Identify Fire Hazards and Fire Risks.

1.1 Sources of ignition

a) Electrical - wiring and appliances
   i.   Electrical wiring has been checked 27.02.2022. 
  ii.   The fuse board/circuit breakers are in good condition and correctly labeled. 
  iii.  The electrical appliances been checked by a competent person within the last year.  27.02.2022. 

b) Cooking

c) Smoking
Smoking is only allowed outside, and cigarette butts are considered to be litter, so dispose of in the refuse, and not throw on the ground.

No drugs are allowed on the whole farm.

d) Candles


e) Heaters and boilers

f) Open fires
Open fires are not allowed on the campsite.

Fire pits must be rented from the farm only.

g) Others
There may be gas canisters, bought by the campers to cook with.

1.2. Fuel present
There is no fuel present in the camping field.  Our personal kerosene tank is near the camping field, adjacent to the farmhouse.

h) Elements of structure
The facility is a grassed field.

i) Furniture and furnishings

j) Domestic waste
    i. Domestic waste is removed from the property daily. 
  ii. Domestic waste is kept away from sources of ignition.  

k) Other items - e.g. petrol for lawnmowers, cleaning materials etc
There are none. 

1.3. Activities that might cause a fire, including work processes/procedures etc.
  i.   Illegal use of BBQ - BBQ area in camping field is provided. 
  ii.  Illegal use of candles - prohibited. 
  iii.  Illegal smoking - prohibited inside, tin bucket for dog-ends provided outside. 

Step 2 - Identify Persons at Risk.

2.1 Number of guests
  i. The facility is considered suitable for up to 500 people.  
  ii. It is anticipated that children will stay in the facility, but they must not be left unaccompanied on the campsite. They could be anywhere in the facility.  
  iii. We do not expect to be accommodating persons who require assistance to escape the property. 

2.2. Number of staff/employees
We have no employees. 

Step 3 - Evaluate the Risks.


3.1. Means of escape

a) Detail the type of property:
The facility is a grassed field.

b) Detail the number of exit doors and where they are:

3.2. The fire alarm and fire detection

c) Describe what fire alarm and fire detectors have been provided?
There is a manual hand turned fire bell, located near the BBQ area.

3.3. Fire fighting equipment

d) Detail what fire extinguishers/blankets are provided and where they are.
There is an outside fire station next to the BBQ area, in the camping field.
  At the station is a hand turned bell, and a water extinguisher.

3.4 Escape lighting

e) Detail areas covered by emergency lighting (if any):
There is no lighting in the field.

3.5. Evacuation procedure

f) Describe the evacuation procedures
  On discovering a fire (no matter how small)
The alarm will automatically sound. 
  EVACUATE the building, via the nearest exit. 
  DIAL 999 immediately and give details of the fire. 
  CLOSE all doors and windows in the vicinity of the fire. 
  PROCEED immediately to the Assembly Point: -
The Assembly point is in the car park, adjacent to the entrance of the camping field.  


Created: 04.09.2023

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